~ Talks On Walks With The Master (TOWS) ~

DevOlogy 11:03

Day 1 The Master always forgives.

Day 2 The Master loves everyone.

Day 3 The Master loves unconditionally.

Day 4 The Master does not judge no matter what views, beliefs or opinions anyone holds.

Day 5 The Master does not judge even those who wrong him.

Day 6 The Master does not discriminate anyone in anyway.

Day 7 The Master does not discriminate based on your outer appearance, your race, color, creed, race or religion.

Day 8 The Master lets it go and moves on, no matter what happens, or what one says or does to him.

Day 9 The Master never holds any grudge, resentment or hate towards anyone no matter how they wrong him.

Day 10 The Master does not take any experience with the outside world personally. It is just an (another) experience to him.

Day 11 The Master teaches out of love, never to preach to enforce.

Day 12 The Master tolerates all, and everyone.

Day 13 The Master is always kind and gentle.

Day 14 The Master is always soft spoken even in the event of injustice, unfairness, rudeness, retaliation, accusations, discrimination, or being wronged.

Day 15 The Master observes silence at all times, to listen more and speak less.

Day 16 The Master uses the least amount of words to make a point.

Day 17 The Master is grateful to everything, everyone, all the time.

Day 18 The Master forgives and forgets all the bad you do.

Day 19 The Master forever keeps upper most in his mind any one time you did good.

Day 20 The Master treats everyone equal, friend or foe, enemy or friend.

Day 21 The Master hates no one, even if he cannot be sure that no one hates him.

Day 22 The Master trusts everyone, every single time, even if they have failed him, betrayed him, hurt him or wronged him.

Day 23 The Master does not blame, complain or explain.

Day 24 The Master does not justify or argue no matter how tempted he might be.

Day 25 The Master never raises his voice even in a disagreement.

Day 26 The Master would always back off or avoid a fight, even if he is right.

Day 27 The Master never loses his equanimity and poise.

Day 28 The Master is ever elegant, kind, gentle and soft spoken.

Day 29 The Master never allows anyone to disturb or disrupt his peace of mind.

Day 30 The Master knows all, and yet says nothing.


Your 30 days with the Master

Make this your 30 days walk with the Master, one step a day.

Each day live in the philosophy of the day. Your life will forever be transformed. Walk in the steps of the Master, and may you transcend from Student to Master yourself.



  1. I just wondering who I will become when I finish the 30 days walk with my dear Master. Hope that everyone will have opportunity to see this blog…..The world that we are living in now will be “A Peace World”. Imagine everyone love and trust each other….Wow! What a wonderful world. I Love this and will try to walk the Master’s talk.

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