Talks On Walks (TOWS) with the Master

The November Crimson Walks with the Master

DevOlogy 11:02

1. Be careful who you call Master.

You will download her Definitions. Her wrong values will become your right beliefs.


2. Watch the Actions of your Master.

Be careful of the Actions of your Master, least she tries to sell you, justify to you and convince you why it is OK with what she does, even if it defies all logic and rationale.


3. Beware of the Master who does not forgive when she has been wronged.

You will inherit her hate, pain and resentment.


4. Watch your Master how she teaches.

Watch that your Master teaches unconditionally, for there is no other way.


5. Never get caught up in the Master’s battles. Let her fight her own.

Beware that your Master does not incite you against her Master, due to their differences in the past.


6. Never fall for your Master’s ‘poor me’ sales pitch.

Watch that your Master is not brainwashing you towards her own personal agenda by making you feel guilty that you are ungrateful if you don’t.


7. Never underestimate your Master just because she does not reprimand you.

The Enlightened Master knows all that the student is doing and yet remains an oblivious fool in the eyes of the student.

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