….because its not the school’s business to do so!!!

In Part 1 (please see,

Bill Gates gave us a mind-boggling insight into the priceless wisdom of his Rules 1-5. In this Part 2 we shall explore the remaining Rules.


Everyone is in search of the secrets to success, but however unwilling to listen to the most successful man alive. It is ironic, but true.

So you, reader of this Blog, I beg of you to pay special heed to what Bill Gates is saying. It makes logical sense for me to assume that he has found the secret to success because he has more money than you, your parents and all your teachers put together.




Why might you ask, am I suggesting that. Well, look at it this way…kids are a by-product of the environment to which they are exposed to on a daily basis. As kids, the reasoning faculty is yet undeveloped. All in-coming sensory data is processed deductively. This means that all information picked up from their environment can only be accepted, and cannot be rejected by their Unconscious Mind.


The million dollar questions to ask are:

What were you exposed to on an ongoing basis while you were growing up?

What are you continuously being exposed to on a daily basis every single day of your adult life?

Who and what are the major influencers in your life right now?

Who are the people that you spend the bulk of your time with everyday?


While you were growing up, the two major influences in your young life were your parents and your teachers. Research shows that 85% of parents are negative and 75% of teachers are negative. Hahahaha!!! Looks like you ran into a massive brick wall even before you moved into the first gear of your life!


Research on kids states that by age 18, a child will hear the word ‘No’, 140,000 times. Now you know why you naturally think that you can’t do something, even before you try! You are basically screwed even before the word ‘go’! You already assume that you cant, even before you attempt.


“Son, is there anything you want in life?”….No! (…isn’t life supposed to give me everything I want?)


“Would you like to volunteer?”…NO! (…I’d rather if someone else stole the limelight that I crave for!).


“Would you like to try something new?”…No! (…I prefer to suffer in total boredom doing the same old pointless stuff!).


“You fancy that pretty girl, why don’t you walk up to her and tell her that you are interested in her?”….NO! (…I rather suffer in silence…and suffer even more when one day I see her holding hands with a brainless moron!)


Every single day, a child receives 460 negative statements and only 75 positive statements. And you wonder why you feel like jumping off the 88th floor of the Twin Towers every Monday the last 17 years!!!


The number one ‘dis-ease’ inflicting almost every child today is inferiority complex. This is a feeling of deep self-doubt, lack of self confidence and extremely low self esteem in oneself.


Going by statistics, parents and teachers seem like the biggest culprits. Look, I am not saying this, but the data sure looks to me like it’s pointing in that direction. Blame it on the data!


Yes its true, not all parents and teachers are negative…only 75% and 85% of them respectively!!! Hahhaha!!! Fooled you!


I love what the then incoming President of the United States stated in a speech on his education policy.


The need for good teachers deserves emphasis. Recent studies show that the single most important factor in determining a student’s achievement isn’t WHO THE STUDENT IS…….IT IS WHO THE TEACHER IS”. – President Obama.


I rest my case!


With that settled, lets look to Bill Gates for more pearls of wisdom, which might be the only way out for most of us who have already been indoctrinated (read, programmed for self destruction) by our parents, teachers and our environment.


Reject Bill Gates formula, live by your parents and teachers formula…and join the ranks of the billions who live meaningless, empty, pathetic and directionless lives, forever condemned to a ‘lifeless existence’.


Those about to fall into the timeless trap of following the formula of your parents and teaches, take a real close look at their lives. That is exactly the kind of ‘pathetic’ life that awaits you in the not too distant future. I wish you good luck in advance!



Rule 6: Bill Gates

If you mess up, it’s not your parents’ fault, so don’t whine about your mistakes, learn from them.


Rule 6: Dev

Look, your parents can’t possibly teach you what they don’t themselves know.


Not withstanding, they have given you the very best that they could. Sure, their best may not have been good enough. Nevertheless, they gave you everything possible.


If you blame your parents, then you will arrive at the exact station in life as they have. In short, the station in life of your parents that you so despise, that will be your very station one day.


If you think it’s your parents’ fault and you are waiting for them to correct it, then you are in for a very long wait. While your parents are waiting for the ‘Guru’ to come down from his mountain-top to give them the enlightenment that you feel they need, they are going to continue acting in ‘darkness’. Until the day of their enlightenment arrives, you are doomed to a life of misery, pain, despair, doom and gloom. And, by the way, due to your ignorance and arrogance, you truly deserve it!


Allow me to offer you an alternate way of changing your life forever…



To have the life you truly want, this is what you need to do:



I am the only problem I will ever have, and I am the only solution. – Raymond Douglas Stanford –

This first step is the most difficult of the entire 10 Step Dream Manifestation Process; that is to take total responsibility for the results, conditions and situations in your life right now and be willing to say to yourself, ‘I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL MY THOUGHTS, ALL  MY FEELINGS, ALL MY ACTIONS AND EVERY RESULT IN MY LIFE.’

Yes I know you are saying to yourself that it’s not your fault that your life is in a total mess. You can immediately come up with a million reasons, countless people to blame and the limitless conditions you encountered that have contributed to your current state of affairs. Strangely enough, not a single one of them includes you as the primary cause.


Ya, sure, tell it to my cow!


I am saying to you, if other people, the environment and conditions outside of you are responsible for the way your life is right now, then; there is nothing you can do to change that. In English that means, you are forever screwed!


Yes I know, it is very difficult to accept the fact that you, and only you are the cause of all that is now showing up in your life. However, if you are willing to take responsibility for the way your life is, than you have the power to change it to the way you really want your life to be.


State the Change process by saying to yourself ten times, “For things to Change, I must change FIRST.”


It is in your moments of Decisions that your Destiny is shaped. – Tony Robbins –

Decide how you want your life to look like 5… 10… 20… years from today?


By having an overview of how you would like your life to unfold, you are able to work backwards right up to today and plant those seeds now.


By doing so, you are in essence predicting all your future outcomes by choice. Any decision you make today will determine what shows up in your future. So, you must carefully decide what seeds you wish to plant right now.


I want you to imagine making a decision right now about a single area of your life; in your financial life, for instance. If all things were possible, how much would you like to be earning 10 years from today?


Lets say, you are now earning exactly that amount. How different would your life be? What kind of lifestyle would you be enjoying? How would you feel about that? Ask yourself, was it worth doing whatever you did the last 10 years to enjoy this level of success?



Things which matter most, must never be at the mercy of things which matter least. – Goethe –

Write down all the things that are important to you right now. Make a list of whatever you think and feel is important in your life right now. Then divide the list of your items into the 8 areas of your life.


The 8 areas of life are Spiritual Life, Intellectual/ Mental Life, Emotional Life, Physical Life, Career Life, Financial Life, Community/ Social Life and Family Life. Make sure you have at least 10 entries under each area of your life. Of course; the more the better. Next, rearrange them in order of priority in every area of life.


Then make a similar list of all the things that would be important to you at age 80.


I would like you to then review both lists and see how they compare with each other? How many items under each area of life are similar? How have the priorities of these items changed over time? Note what features prominently in your lists at the present and when you are 80. That should give you some clues as to what you deem important in your life.


The final step is to ask yourself, at age 80, what is the single most important entry in each area of your life? The fulfillment of this single item would be the most meaningful for you. Now, I want you to set the achievement of that item as the most important Goal in the respective areas of your life.


In doing that, you would be planting the seed of the fruit you wish to harvest at 80.



The first Goal in life is to have a Goal. – Dev –


If you do not as yet have a Goal, I suggest that be the very first thing that you do. So, what then is a Goal? Well, simply a Dream with a dateline.


If you already have a Goal, I would then ask you to review Step 3 to determine what would ultimately be the single most significant Goal for you. Is there a consistency between what you wrote as your most important Goal for 2010 with that at age 80? That should give you a clue as to what Goal you should be writing under Step 4.


Once you have made a decision on the Goal, write a Goal Statement of the single most important (short term) Goal that you want to achieve by 31st December 2010.


The next step would be to write a Goal Description of the aforesaid Goal.


Let me give you a little tip on the difference between a Goal Statement and a Goal Description.


Once you have decided on the Goal that you wish to achieve, you need to state it in a single sentence.


An example of a Financial Goal Statement would be as follows:


I (name) am so Happy and Grateful now that I earn RMxxxx and more per month as of 31st December 2010 providing outstanding service as a Life Coach to all my clients.


A Goal Description is simply a detailed description of the Goal. Here is where you include as many details as possible so as to get absolute clarity of your Goal.


In short, the Goal Statement is a summary of the Goal Description. Conversely, the Goal Description is just an elaboration of the Goal Statement.



People with Plans without Actions are Delusional. – Dev –

Write an Action Plan as to what you need to do to make this Goal happen.


You can construct an easy to use but highly functional plan of action on just one sheet of paper.


Step 1: My Dream

On a clean sheet of A4 paper, right at the top write the word MY DREAM and write down whatever your dream is.


For example; To leave a legacy


Step 2: My Goal(s)

Next, below that write down the Goal(s) that you need to reach so that you can leave a legacy.


In certain instances there could be only one Goal, while at other times there could be a number of small Goals that need to be reached for the actualization of the Dream.


If there are a number of Goals that need to be reached, the Goals could either be related Goals or totally independent Goals, but all lead to the fulfillment of the Dream.


The reaching of all these Goals would culminate in you leaving a legacy. The Dream is therefore a direct outcome of your having reached all the Goals. So, in essence; there is nothing that you actually need to do under the ‘My Dream’ column. It is a consequence of you having reached all your Goals.


For example;

Goal 1: Professional Speaker

Goal 2: Dedicate my life to serving the needs of single



Goal 3: Create a program that helps single mothers cope

with the emotional and financial burden of their day to day living


Goal 4: Win the Noble Prize


Step 3: Steps

The next step is to have a number of Steps under each Goal. These are the steps that must be taken for each Goal to be reached.


Some Goals might have a number of steps and certain Goals might only have a single Step.


Ask yourself; “For this Goal to be reached, what immediate or initial Step(s) do I need to take?”


For example;

Goal 1: Professional Speaker


i.      Learn Public Speaking

ii.    Work with a Professional Speaker as an understudy

iii.   Offer free talks (as part of my training)

iv.  Create a Blog to promote myself

v.   Promote myself on FB…etc….

Step 4: Tasks

Now, under each Step (from Step 3), enter a number of Tasks that might be required for a single Step to be  completed.


As in the earlier Step 3, different Steps might require a different number of Tasks. Certain Steps may only have a single Task, however other Steps might need the fulfillment of a number of Tasks to complete a single Step.


For example;

Goal 1: Professional Speaker

Step: Learn Public Speaking


i.      Seek out the different public speaking courses in the market

ii.    Make further enquiries on the selected course

iii.   Register for the course

iv.  Attend the course

v.   Join the Toastmasters for continuing practice


Step 5: Datelines

The last step of the 5 Step process is to add a Dateline to every entry on your sheet. There should be Datelines for all the Tasks, for every Step and for the Goal.


If there is dateline for the Dream, then add that too. For certain type of Dreams there might be no Dateline as it could be a life long pursuit and might be your Life Work which you will choose to do till the last days of your life. If that is the case, just state the word ‘Life-time’ next to your Dream, indicating that this Dream will outlive you (and your cause might be continued by others after you are gone).


For example;

Dream: Leave a Legacy DL: Life-Time

Goal 1: Professional Speaker DL: 31 December 2012

Step 1: Learn Public Speaking DL: December 2011

Tasks: i.     Seek out the different public speaking courses in

the market DL: 28 Jan 2011

ii. Make further enquiries on the selected course DL: 7 Feb 2011

iii. Register for the course DL: March 2011

iv. Attend the course DL: April 2011

v. Join the Toastmasters for continuing practice DL: May 2011


Each time you complete a single part of your plan, place a big red V against it, a mark of VICTORY.


Review this plan at regular intervals to ensure you are on track. If you miss any dateline, review all other datelines and reassign new datelines.


To ensure the successful arrival at your Dream, all you need to do is to complete each Task, each Step and each Goal based on the Datelines assigned.


Place this single piece of paper at a place in your room or office where you can easily see it.


With this simple Plan Of Action, you do not require anyone to check on you, monitor you or enforce it on you. All you need to do is to follow the step-by-step actions with the datelines next to them, onto the next action Step that needs to be taken.


So long as you complete each Step you will arrive at the completion of the entire plan, hence your success.



All the resources we need are possessed by someone. We just need to reach them. – Dev –

Make a list of all the Resources and assistance you might need to achieve this Goal.  Don’t be ashamed, nor be too egotistical to seek and ask for help. All successful people do it all the time.


There are two main types of Resources that you might require. The first is Physical Resources and the second is Mental/ Intellectual Resources. My experience of having coached thousands of people over the last 18 years, has proved to me that if you can first sort out the Mental Resources, most of the Physical Resources will get resolved.


The Mental resources also govern a great number of the Emotional Resources that you might require during your journey of reaching your Goal.


Once you overcome your Mental Resources, you will always find a way to fulfill, find, source out or locate assistance to resolve any and every Physical Resource.


Among the more important Physical Resources that you might require are People, Contacts, Money, Time and Energy.


The key Mental resources comprise of Ideas, Expertise, Emotional Support and Mindset. Let me state here that the first Mental Resource you must sort out is your Mindset. It forms the foundation for handling all your other Mental Resources and will greatly govern your Emotional Resources.


To help you take a stock check of what is already at your disposal and what you need to source out, take a sheet of paper and draw a line through the centre dividing the page into two halves. On each half of this sheet state all the Mental and the Physical Resources that you might require for this project.


Running down your list, now tick all those Resources that you already have. Underline all the remaining Resources that you will need but you do not yet have. Now, next to this list, write where, who and how you might get these much-needed Resources. As in the earlier step, place a dateline against each of these entries, plus the name of the person (if any) you might need to contact for the acquisition of these Resources.


Next, simply start contacting them.



Modelling success recreates success. – Dev –

Have a Role Model that you can Model against. This is one of the easiest way to acquire success.


Success leaves clues. All those who acquire success ‘do certain things, and they do them in a certain way.’ All you need to do to duplicate their success is to do exactly that.


A million dollar insight I picked up along the way is…

i.               To do ALL the steps these successful people do.

ii.             To do these steps in the CORRECT sequence.


The objective of Modelling them is to in essence:

i.               To model their Definitions. This means we are trying to model their Thoughts, their Thinking Patterns. This would give us an insight into how they Think. And they sure as hell think very differently from the average man on the street.


ii.             To model their Rituals. This means we are trying to model their Actions. Successful people have totally opposite actions from the average loser.


Once we know how they Think (we have accessed their Thoughts and Emotions), and when we begin to Act like them, we will automatically begin to get the same Results as them.


To Model Success, ask yourself 3 key Questions:


Q1: What is that I really want?


Q2: Who has already achieved what I want?


Q3: Once you find her…begin to Model her.


…do what she does, go where she goes, dress like her, walk like her, talk like her…imagine you are her. One day you will begin to THINK like her and ACT like her. Now, if you begin to Think and Act like her, you will begin to get the exact Results that she is getting. I call this ‘The Short Cut to Success’.



A Coach can make you go where the Coach has never been before. – Dev –

Get a Life Coach to help you along the journey of reaching this Goal. All successful business people, professional athletes, actors, singers and musicians have a Coach.


Some years ago, a group of consultants interviewed the CEO’s of the Fortune 100 companies to find a common denominator of their success.

They found 10 things that ALL the Fortune 100 companies practiced without reserve, and they were presented in the Kingsfield Reports.


The number one criteria that ALL CEO’s of these Fortune 100 companies stated was HAVING A LIFE COACH. This one requirement was deemed by them as non-negotiable. Almost every CEO interviewed either had a Personal Life Coach or Consultant or had one to advice the company.


Now, if you truly want success, right here in front of you is probably the Ultimate Success Secret. If you are not a CEO of a Fortune 100 company (yet), then you sure as hell need to learn from them.


If you wish to be successful and would not follow this single success formula, then you truly deserve to suffer and struggle while trying to create your own formula. In my book, I would place your name under the category: ARROGANT, IGNORANT AND GILA!!!

In short, you have a ‘Fat Chance’ and ‘Thin Hope’ of getting any manner of success that you dream of. As a matter of fact, your dream will forever remain a dream. And my friend I only have one word for you: You deserve to Fail!!!


For those who are serious about wanting success (and it is not merely a dream), the very first non-negotiable thing for you to do is to look for a Life Coach.


Should you need help in getting a professional and qualified Life/ Business Coach, please leave a note in the Comments Column at the end of this Blog, and I will refer you to some competent Life Coaches for you to choose from.


Remember, a Coach can make you go where you can never hope to go by yourself.



Life is a series of little successes piled one on top of the other. – Dev –

Once you reach this Goal, Celebrate the Success in anyway that you deem deserving.


Yes, a major part of the journey of success is to celebrate it. Of what use is it to have success if you don’t celebrate it. If you watched Tom Cruise in Jerry McGuire, you know exactly what I mean. (For those who have not, for God’s sake go watch it! You wish to be a success and you have not watched a movie on how to be a success…geez, give me a break!)


Each time you celebrate any and every success, your Unconscious Mind makes a note of it and makes one more deposit into a folder in your mind titled ‘My Successes’. This is a very important entry because it makes your Mind register that you have acquired yet another achievement. And in future when you attempt new things, this memory of success will cause your mind to believe that you CAN and WILL succeed in future as you have in the past.


The other reason for celebrating successes is to cause you to vibrate at the frequency of success. When this happens, you send out more vibrations of success into the Universe and more success gets attracted to you. This is how you activate the Law of Vibration and Attraction, and keep attracting more success. It puts you into a continuous loop of manifesting success on an on going basis. It has often been said that success breeds success. Knowing how the Laws of Universe and the Laws of the Mind work, it’s an absolute truth.

So each month, each year or upon acquiring each success, celebrate it. Reward yourself in whatever way you deem fit. Do it alone or with your loved ones or your Team members, which eve suits you best.


At my organization SELF MASTERY LEARNING CENTRE, we celebrate success on a monthly basis. Everyone and anyone are welcome. You are free to join us for our monthly success celebrations. There is NO CHARGE for this Success Celebration. It is for FREE. It is just an evening where like-minded people get together to celebrate their successes together and share their victories to inspire others and help each other towards their own success.


If you wish to join us either to celebrate your success with us or to learn how we do it so you might duplicate it, please drop me a note at the end of this Blog and I will ask my Team Member to get in touch with you for more details as to how and when you can join us.


I hope to meet you in person and get inspired by your success story. I would love to write about it in my next Blog so others might be inspired.




The Mind is forever seeking a target to pursue. You either give it one by choice or it will pick up one from the environment by default. – Dev –

Once you reach your 2010 Goal, set a new Goal for 2011. The Mind is Teleological. This means that it is target seeking, forever seeking for a target to hit. So if you do not by choice give it a target, it will seek one out from the environment by default. However, that might not be what you truly want.


The human mind is a Goal striving mechanism. It must have one Goal or another to seek and accomplish at any one time. It cannot not have a target to pursue. It is simply the way the mind functions.


Therefore, once you achieve one Goal, you need to set a new one. This is the only way you can choose what you want by choice.


Once a Goal is achieved, the Unconscious Mind, due to its nature, begins to look for a new Goal to move towards. Hence, the need for the next Goal. As we know the environment is mostly negative, so if you do not by choice give the mind a Goal, it is going to pick one up from its environment. And if those that you hang out with have no Goals or have puny Goals, then its only natural that your mind will pick that information up and give you a puny Goal to hit as well.


What’s so bad about that you might ask? Well, for one, Robert Kiyosaki says; “Take your 5 best friends / 5 people you hang out with most of the time, take their monthly incomes, add it all up, divide it by 5…that’s exactly your monthly income.” You might want to change your friends after this, or forever sink in the same ship as them. The choice is entirely yours. At any rate, good luck to you…and your loser friends!!!


If you are not sure what Goals you should set or how to go about setting one, please feel free to leave your question(s) in the Comments Column at the end of this article. I will either answer it in my next Blog or send you a write up on it if I have a ready answer for you.



If you need help with any of the above processes, please feel free to reach me (by leaving a comment at the end of this Blog) so as I may offer you any assistance you require.


Last but not least,



– Dev-


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