There are 4 Little Happiness Resource Tools to help us in times of need.

The 4 Resources are

  1. Resource of Character
  2. Resource of Love
  3. Resource of Work
  4. Resource of Faith


The single most important, most valuable component of character is the habit of doing what has to be done.

To sustain grief and calamity best is to accept life as difficult- that in its self is brave, but you must also be prepared to walk up to the perils, the grief, the disaster, and do what is needed.

People with such a resource are strong. But you must realize it never springs to life the moment it is needed but it grows through the years, and it is a discipline that ought to start when you are young, in the acceptance of small painful things.


You are, in a deep sense, what your relationships to other human beings make you.

Only the discipline of human sympathy keeps life from growing poor and brittle. If you keep your sympathy and understanding alive, then you will feel so warm a bond with other people that in time of trouble it will hearten you just to look into the faces of your fellow men and feel the comforting sense of your common human destiny.


Work is not only a great resource but also a great therapy, and anodyne against pain. Work takes all your energy therefore leaving little for you to cry over things.  The more difficult and challenging the thing you are working at, the better. You can’t work hard without using up some of the energy that might go into self-pity. The more creative your attitude towards work, the greater the enrichment you can draw from it. People who are always busy building cathedrals are mightily fortified against life’s ills.


The resource of faith, of believe in life’s essential goodness is probably the greatest resource. To be sure, life is not always fair. But it is good and joyous nonetheless, the most courageous thing one can do is to snatch joy out of the very path of pain.


There is only one tragedy in life and that is its brevity. In the face of that tragedy one must be joyous.

One cannot deny that tragedy is real or dodge experiences however hard they are to bear. But there is always the ‘triumph of goodness’. The goodness we have in our lives has its goodness elsewhere. There is a power greater than ourselves who wishes us well. Therefore we live in a Universe where good is stronger than evil.

Such an attitude is our shield against bitterness. No matter what the state of the world. We must live in it with such courage as we can. How well we are prepared depends in considerable part on how well we have built up those timeless resources that are proof against change.


By putting traits of mind and character ahead of things, we can rethink our values and put loving and growing at the head of them.

We can lose ourselves in some good for others. We can learn to pray, stretching communion to the very edge of our human frailties. We can learn too, the discipline of meeting little problems well with courage in preparation for the day when the big ones will come.

The thing to remember is that, in joy and sorrow alike, life itself is precious. We need it most because it gives us a chance to be what we can be, experience what we can experience and love what we can love.

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