Powerful Morning Master Dev,

My name is Gerald. I have been a Professional Networker for over 20 years.

Over the years I have seen so many people fail in this business, and it makes my heart bleed to see so many of them fail because something unfortunate, out of the ordinary happened to them at the eleventh hour that sabotaged their success.

I truly believe they would have succeeded had the ‘unfortunate’ incident not happen to them. How can I help my people avoid it happening in the future?

Thank you in advance for your wise counsel.



Losers Limp and Winners Leap!

–      Dev

A new generation has emerged who suffer from ‘Loser’s Limp’.

They have temporary or chronic attacks of the Loser’s Limp because they neglect what is obvious and end up trying to find excuses for their failures.

Loser’s limp is some thing you do when in spite of your best efforts you know that you would not manage to win or finish.

For example, a soccer player who misses a chance at scoring a goal right in front of an open goal-mouth suddenly pulls his leg. He then feebly limps in ‘pain’, half expecting the people to say “Oh! God! He would have surely scored, but for the cramp”.

Maybe, the crowd genuinely believed his bluff, but what about the player himself? He knows that he pulled a farce. He could not have scored anyway. But doing what he did, he not only managed to save ‘face’ in front of his fans, but to a certain degree managed to cheat his own inner self. At least he thinks so.

The fact remains that he simply failed!

So many people do similarly in life. They keep pouring out the reasons for their poor results.

Losing is an operational mistake, meaning even if you lose you still have to play a full game. Hence, you might as well play to win.

The reasons for ‘not doing’ are part and parcel of the Loser’s Limp. The loser waits for the right time, right people, right environment and conveniently forgets that someone else is achieving great things with the same resources.

Those stricken with the Loser’s Limp are often in a ‘too much analysis leads to paralysis phase’ and so their results are a foregone conclusion. While his competitor is winning, he is busy cooking up reasons and excuses for his failure.

Once we stop manufacturing reasons and start working without bothering for failures, the percentage of our success dramatically improves. When we do not have losing on our mind we generally win.

So the best policy about doing anything successfully is to learn to Leap instead of worrying about the Loser’s Limp.


Reasons are a coward’s lame excuses.


Giving reasons (excuses) for every failure is like a coward giving lame excuses when in reality he / she has NO GUTS. This is a very psychological problem- emotionally unstable. Thinking up of an excuse is much harder (if having failed) than attempting it, or even succeeding in it by following nature’s course.


To see, to feel and not to act – is the coward’s way of saying…ahh that’s life!


Well, let me tell you that it isn’t so. Life is much more than that I assure you.

Instead, just go in there, face it like ‘a man’ and fight it like ‘a man’.


Where there is fear, there is bound to be failure. Fear and guilt are the best friends of failure. Indecision spells failure. Negativism ends in failure.


To fight ‘Loser’s Limp’ is to develop self-confidence. The way to develop self-confidence is to do the thing you fear to do and to get a record of success behind you.

Do the thing you fear, and the fear will disappear!

By thus conquering your fears, you will develop courage.


Compared to what we ought to be, we are only half awake. We are making use of only a small part of our physical and mental resources. The human individual thus lives far within his limits. He possesses powers of various sorts which he habitually fails to use.


Athletic Coach:

“Watch this. You see my boy there, coming in last? Limping! Chances are he just developed that limp to have an excuse for NOT doing better (well).”


Reason why some people do not attain their Goals, do not get one tenth of the way to their Goals, they are no more convincing than the boy – suddenly developing ‘the Limp’. Worse yet- ‘Loser’s Limp Attitude’ may stop you from even trying to lift your life above a subsistence level (when the gun goes off to start the race, you are licked before you start).


One can learn a wonderful lesson from





JAMES ROYCE – Built a thriving business from his beds, COMPLETELY IMMOBILIZED by Polio.

These are but some really handicapped people who still

lived constructive lives.

What have you to say for yourself now? What’s your excuse?


But you, who have the use of ALL your senses and ALL your limbs, never take charge of your life dynamics and know that many others who have nothing you haven’t got, are building a grand career and a glorious future while you get pushed into some low-level corner.

If you have lost a few life’s races – see if you are not acquiring a LOSER’S LIMP before you start?


Check yourself for LOSER’S LIMP right now, time and again!!!


Losers Limp …and Winners Leap!


  1. hasvinder Says:

    Dear Coach Dev,
    wonderful and true. Great material to imply in life. keep in up. thanks. god bless

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