From Dev’s Personal Journal

The moment you begin to just observe the clothes on the line before you, they begin to move (again). The instant a certain clothing catches your attention and you focus on it, the lines stops moving and this one piece of clothing stops right before your eyes. So the more you look at it, the more you get caught up in its essence. You begin to notice its color, its texture, its nature etc. The more you observe those things about this clothing, the more you get taken in by this particular piece of clothing. And the more difficult it gets to take your focused attention off it. The more you observe it, the more attached you become to it. This keeps you perpetually looking at this particular piece of clothing. For as long as you keep looking at this piece of clothing, the line refuses to move and so in a relatively short period of time you get so caught up in this clothing that you began to identify so well with it, that you cannot even differentiate if you are watching a piece of clothing or if you are this clothing. Soon, you do get convinced that you are this clothing.

And you now get caught up in this clothing, for days, weeks, months; even years. You now identify with; and become this clothing- this issue in your life, this circumstance, this condition. And your better judgment is no longer able to distinguish if you are just observing it or if you are it.

You are now trapped in a loop of Self Doom Fulfilling Cycle. The more you look at this clothing (the issue), the deeper you get caught up in it. The more you get immersed in it, the more difficult it gets to take your focus off it. It keeps getting you right back into the issue, even deeper than before.



– Buddha

Hence, to break out of this cycle- this endless loop, you need to get your focus off the ‘issue’ and onto the solution, but to get focused onto the ‘solution’ you need to first get your focus off the ‘issue’. The very thing that you need to do to get out of it keeps getting you more involved in it. Thus, perpetuating a cycle that will eventually lead to your permanent entrapment in it.

You will reach a point where you are unable to determine if you are the observer or the observed. If you have now become the observed, you could then never become the observer. You have now become your problem.

Once you identify the problem (the issue) being you, you now get caught up in it. And guess what your mind automatically focuses on when you become the issue? Right, the issue! And as you focus more and more on the issue, you began to ‘vibrate’ at the vibratory rate of this issue.

When your entire being vibrates at this vibration, you send out vibrations of a like nature into the Universe. Guess what you attract more of? Right, more of the same! More of what you DON’T want! It becomes a Self Doom Fulfilling Circle – a Self Fulfilling Prophecy. No one need kill you. You do it unto yourself. Life is a do-it-your-self job.

So the question now is, how do I get out of this endless loop that I have got myself caught in, right?

Be the observer, not the observed. How do I do this? Don’t get caught up in the issue at hand. The issue JUST IS. It’s neither good nor bad. It’s how we process it by way of our Self Talk. That will determine if it’s positive or negative.





– Dev

Don’t focus on what you don’t want in your life. Give all your attention to what you want instead. Since the Mind can only hold one thought at time, you can only focus on the problem or the solution at any one given moment. You can’t do both simultaneously. Since you have now chosen to focus on the solution, your Mind can in no way go back to the problem. And as you continue to focus on the solution, you now get immersed, caught up in the solution. You very soon began to think that you are this solution. And as you stay focused upon this solution, your mind will begin to cause you to emit a vibration consistent with the rate of the solution. And you will begin to send out vibrations of the solution out into the Universe. As always, the Universe MUST by law reciprocate. The Universe must by law respond accordingly. And you will find attracted unto you all the resources, opportunities, people, ideas, clues, tips, hints etc as to how to solve this issue.

As you focus on the solution, only solutions come to you. Only solutions get attracted into your life.

The Law states that, ‘Whatever must happen, will happen for you achieve your outcome!’

This is validated by the fact that when you think Xtype Thoughts, it causes you to have X-Feelings. These X-type Feelings generate X-type Vibrations in you, creating an X-type magnetic field around you. Now that you begin to vibrate at X Frequency, you will send out X-type vibrations out into the Universe. The Universe being always consistent,

must by law respond by sending back to you Xtype circumstances, conditions, environments, issues, etc, your way. Only X-type frequency can pick up other X-type frequencies. If you now vibrate at X frequency, (all things in the Universe being in a constant state of vibration) all things in the Universe vibrating at X frequency must by law get attracted to your X frequency.

Hence, we attract all conditions, circumstances, environment and everything consistent with our states of vibration unto us.

So, very simply stated – change your Thoughts by changing what you consistently Focus upon, and you will change your rate of Vibration. You will change what you attract into your life – and you will forever CHANGE YOUR LIFE

Coach Dev  06.03.07

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