From Dev’s Personal Journal

“The universe emerges from thought.

We are the creators not only of our own destiny

but also of the universe.”


Master Dev, what happens if you have had a thought of something about which you did not want without realizing. You know Thoughts keep coming!!! How do you clear out the unwanted thoughts without letting them take effect in your future?

Chetan Joshi

Melbourne, Australia


Hi my dearest brother Chetan,

Most times these are just passing phases that we must all go through, preparing us for what lies ahead of us. These are tests that we need to pass to graduate onto the next phase of life.


First, and foremost it is paramount to understand that 90% of all the thoughts we are thinking today are the very thoughts we thought of yesterday, and the day before…and the day before! So we are not really thinking very many new thoughts

on a daily basis. MOST of the thoughts that we entertain ARE indeed thought about with no conscious thought.

Since most of these thoughts were entertained unawares, they appear to be thoughts that we did not really intend. But since the Universe must by law respond to your thoughts in like nature, we set in motion that very instant a string of event

that will actualize these thoughts in our reality.

Since most of these thoughts were ‘unintended’, most of these thoughts do NOT give us the kind of Results we seek in life.

This very simply means that we are in fact causing Results in our life which we do not want – without our realizing.

Hence, the first thing that we do need to do is NOT to fight these thoughts that we don’t want. Because that very simply keeps us ‘focused’ on these very thoughts that we are choosing to eliminate from our mind, and thus our life.


“The law of attraction is that each one of us is determining the frequency that we’re on by what we’re thinking and feeling.”


The Power of Intention

The Law of Abundance

The Law of Manifestation

The Lost Mode of Prayer

Living a Created Life

The Biology of Belief

The Isaiah Effect

A Power Greater Than You

The Secret

The Spiritual Law of Attraction

The Quantum Law of Attraction

As such, the more productive way would be to focus on an opposing thought, i.e., focusing on the thoughts that you want to give birth to in the deepest recesses of your Unconscious Mind.

James Allen continually reminds us in As A Man Thinketh (1905);

“The vision that I glorify in my mind, the ideal that I enthrone in my heart, this I will build my life by, and this I will become.”

We need to consistently keep our focus on what we DO want and off what we do NOT want.

Your question begins with the question, “What if I have already thought those thoughts, how do I stop them manifesting?”

‘What ever you give energy to, will grow.’

– Emerson.

Well, for one, we can’t kill off a thought that’s already been thought of. It has been sent out into the Universe, and the Universe MUST by law, reciprocate in like kind. The easier way would be to just start thinking a thought directly opposite of that, and in great abundance, until it nullifies and neutralizes the earlier thought sent out into the Universe. This may be one way to override the earlier thought.

The other way would be to just ‘observe’ these thoughts as they now manifest as images in our Conscious Mind. Don’t get caught up in these thoughts. Just observe them. If you get caught up in these thoughts, you then become the thought.

You get trapped in that thought, and you get embedded in that thought. As such, you give birth to that thought in the physical. Which means it now manifests as your reality onto this three dimensional world.

“Everything that’s coming into your life you are attracting into your life. And it’s attracted to you by virtue of the images you’re holding in your mind. It’s what you’re thinking. Whatever is going on in your mind you are attracting to you.”

– Bob Proctor

Let me help you here with a metaphor. Imagine thoughts being like clothes on a clothes line, hung out to dry. And you stand before this line of clothes. This clothes line moves before you as if pulled by someone on one end. As you observe these clothes moving along the clothes line before your very eyes, they are there a few seconds and then gone, replaced by the next clothing, and the next and the next. The moment you stare, focus, meditate, give your full attention to a piece of clothing on this line, the clothes line stops moving….contd Part 2


  1. James Allen’s As a Man Thinketh is a truly inspired work. If anyone is interested in reading his works, visit

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