Hi Master Coach Dev,

I read Think & Grow Rich (TGR) by Napoleon Hill because my boy friend attended your class The Success Warrior Intensive last year and insisted that I read it. He told me that you said in class that TGR was non-negotiable reading if anyone desires to be a success.

I really enjoyed reading it and now view my whole life differently. However, I am a little confused about Chapter 10 (The Transmutation Of Sexual Energy). Can you please explain how this transmutation process works and what do I need to do to transmute this energy?

Thank you very much and I look forward to meeting you in person soon.

Have a great 2010.

Rina Meline, India


Hi Rina,

Thank you for your question. It is about time I said my piece on Chapter 10 because I get lots of questions from all those that I recommend TGR.

As a matter of fact, for some strange but true reason, most people either take up my offer to read TGR because of Chapter 10 or, when they start their reading of TGR, they always read Chapter 10 first! Hahaha! I don’t really care, so long as they read the rest of the book too.

Rina, I hope my short write up below will shed some light.

Napoleon Hill said that one of the secrets to success is to transmute your sexual energy into creative business energy. Hill says that this is why men usually become successful only after they pass the age of 40 when they loose interest in chasing after women and therefore transmute their sexual energy into business rather than wasting it. Many other writers have also given advice on transmuting sexual energy into creative energy, but few ever explain the process.

Some people have naturally transmuted their sexual energy into success. Think of the nerds you knew in high school who went on to be very successful in business. The assumption is that due to poor social skills they were unable to achieve sexual success so they turned their attention to technical subjects and created amazing technical inventions. Bill Gates is often used as an example; however, I don’t really know what he was like in high school.


In its basic state, energy ‘just-is’. It is neither positive nor negative, neither good or bad. It is how we direct this energy that gives it its attributes.

Newton’s 3rd Laws states that Energy cannot be created or destroyed, that it can only change its form. And the Law of Energy states that ‘Energy Follows Thought.’ Since energy itself is neutral in its pure state, any thoughts that we think affects and changes the state of this energy. And with the power of thoughts, we can alter the composition of this energy and transmute it from one state into another, from sexual energy into success energy, as in the case of Hill.


The ancient philosophies and practices of the east had very explicit instructions and exercises designed to transmute sexual energy. Certain exercises taught in Creative Breath Meditation are based on the transmutation of sexual energy.

The basic mechanism of these Creative Breath Meditation exercises moves the creative energy from the sexual chakra to the upper chakras using the creative sound of a mantra, i.e. the SA-TA-NA-MA sound. The use of this (or other mantras) sound moves the energy up through each of the chakras leading eventually to the forehead chakra. There, the energy will create whatever you are visualizing in your third eye.

If you are interested to learn the full process or about other specific mantras, please reach me through the COMMENTS SECTION at the end of this article or email me personally at

TRANSMUTING SEXUAL ENERGY                                                                  BY CREATIVE BREATH MEDITATION

Here is a simple exercise as taught in the Creative Breath Meditation. It not only transmutes sexual energy into any desired form, but it also generates massive amounts of raw sexual energy as its base energy to work with.

sit in lotus/relax position

1. Sit comfortably on the floor, preferably in a lotus position. If not, just cross your legs.

2. Bring your thumb and your first finger together forming a ring. Do the same with your other hand. Now, bring this 2 rings together and form a chain, thereby locking them together.

3. Place your hands into your lap with the remaining 3 fingers of your left hand resting in the palm of your right hand. Face your palms upwards.

bring fingers & thumbs together

4. Bring your attention to your breath and focus on your breath for a few minutes.

5. The Breath Count for converting raw Cosmic Energy into Sexual Energy. The accumulation of sexual energy serves as the base energy to be later converted into any desired out come of your choice.

i. Begin this exercise by exhaling all the air out through your mouth.

place hands in lap

ii. Now take a long slow breath in, to a count of 8. Let the air flow in through your nose effortlessly.

iii. Then slowly let the air out through your mouth at a count of 8. Do this effortlessly and naturally.

iv. Now hold your breath (just after you exhale) at a count of 8.

v. Repeat step (ii) to (iv) for 7 minutes

This simple ancient breath count exercise is a very powerful way to generate sexual energy, which is the base energy for all Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical manifestations at the physical plane.

If you are interested to learn more advance breath counts for specific outcomes, please reach me through the COMMENTS SECTION at the end of this article or email me personally at

6.   Once you have a substantial amount of stored Sexual Energy, you can now begin to convert it into any form that you desire.

There are several exercises to do this transmutation. I am going to share one such exercise with you

i. Begin this exercise by exhaling all the air out through your mouth.

ii. Close your eyes.

iii. Place your tongue against the roof of you mouth.

iv. Now take a long slow breath in through you nose, to a count of 8.

v. Now hold your breath (just after you inhale) at a count of 8.

vi. I want you now to see the picture of your dream / desire in your imagination.

vii. Then slowly let the air out through your mouth at a count of 8.

viii. Repeat step (iv) to (vii) 7 times

ix.  Remember to keep your tongue pressed against the roof of your mouth throughout this entire exercise.

If you are interested to learn the full process, please reach me through the COMMENTS SECTION at the end of this article or email me personally at


One of the best studies I have found of transmuting sexual energy is in the Tao of  Sexology by Steven Chang. The ancient Taoist understood the basic workings of the human body and its animal instincts. Rather than trying to suppress or fight against the animal instincts as many modern religions teach, the Taoist embraced the animal nature and used it to benefit the body and life in general.

In the Taoist teachings, the sexual nature of humans is not condemned in any way. Sexual energy can be used for healing the body, enhancing productivity, improving relationships and also in creative manifestation. The Taoist seem to truly understand the power of transmuting sexual energy.

If you are interested to learn how to transmute sexual energy through CREATIVE BREATH MEDITATION, please reach me through the COMMENTS SECTION at the end of this article or email me personally at


In our modern society, sexual stimulation is everywhere we look. This over stimulation is often  condemned by religious and humanitarian groups.

This form of sexual stimulation often results in the wasting of sexual energy or in the channeling of sexual energy into destructive paths.

Advertisers, politicians, drug companies and crime bosses all know the power of sexual stimulation in motivating people. Entire industries are based on ways to boost sexual prowess or to satisfy these urges. However all these methods only dissipate the sexual energy in unproductive or wasteful ways or they lead to more destructive uses of the powerful sexual energy.

Many so called men’s magazines use sexual images of women to promote the idea that highly sexual and attractive women are somehow unapproachable and unattainable. They can only be found as fantasy in the pages of their books. This form of sexual stimulation leads to separation and loneliness rather than love and oneness.

Sexual energy is the most powerful force on the earth. It can be used to bring people together in love or it can be used to create separation and division. It depends on the way that energy is focused or transmuted as Hill calls it.

The entire material existence is based on thought energy combined with strong emotion. Sexual energy is the ultimate combination of the two. Many people only see the ability of sexual energy to procreate and reproduce a species. However, that same energy that can create a new being can also be used to create anything which you desire.

In fact, sexual energy is already being used to create the life you live. However, for most people it is used ineffectively and the energy is weak because it is being dissipated or wasted in useless sexual activity. Or that energy may consciously be repressed through guilt or other beliefs that using sexual energy is bad or wrong.


To understand the power of sexual energy, take a few moments to fantasize about a sexual situation. Within just a few seconds of getting a clear fantasy in you mind, you will feel your body starting to react. Depending on how you feel about the fantasy, you may experience hot or cold in the extremities. Your pulse will quicken and if you continue the fantasy, you will become sexually aroused. If you continued the fantasy even further you could likely even bring yourself to orgasm through just the power of your mind.

Now realize that it is possible to use this same energy to manifest other things that you desire in life instead of just orgasms. As if orgasms were not enough.

So how do you focus and use your sexual energy to manifest the things you desire instead of wasting it? The first step is to train the body how to handle your sexual energy.




  1. Think and Gorw Rich profoundly changed my life especially chapter 11

    Napoleon Hills concept in chapter 11 is expaneded on in this book in greater detail –

    The Currency of Sexual Energy, the art of sexual transmutation. Yasmin Sheryl de Jong

  2. This is a very good one. I as an indian do not have any taboo. I am a holistic healer. I experience and use energies in healing. I felt blockage of any kind can stop a person to realize his or her full potential of energies, which could be used for goodness of humanity. the realization of energies also lead a person to the higher consciousness

  3. TGR, changed my life in every aspect of my personal and professional life. As a college student I was mentally conditioned to believe that I was mediocre and that I could not achieve genius without being born with it.

    With this book and it’s methods I realize that I can now reach into infinite intelligence on my own.

    Great article.. 2nd?

  4. Capt Sudhir Says:

    Newton’s Third Law is Action and Reaction are equal and opposite; when did it transform to become the Law of Conservation of Energy? Probably I am living in a different planet or universe? Dev bhai, a lot of mix-up in your explanations, (make better use of Internet to do more research). Your Intentions are good but your flawed explanations brings disrepute to the fruits of your labour. As the saying goes “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” SATNAM WAHE GURU. MAKE TRUTH BE YOUR ONLY GURU

  5. how is it possible to exhale air out through mouth when tounge is pressed to roof of the mouth ?

  6. Emeline Silbernagel

    Hi Master Coach Dev, I read Think

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