Hi Dev,

I have a question. What is the purpose of life on earth? After doing our job, then what? So, why are we here?

How do I find my Purpose? How can you help me find my Purpose?

Farida Mohd, Penang


The Purpose of Life is to Live a Life of Purpose

~ Richard Leider ~

Hi Farida,

Over the last many years we have often been asked as to how one could get in touch with their Life Purpose so that they can have clarity as to why they are here on earth.

In spite of the many successes that they might have, they still feel that their lives seem so empty, hollow and meaningless without any true purpose.

To help all these people find an answer, in 2003 we created a special program to help them discover their purpose and why they are here on earth.


The program is called LIFE MASTERY RETREAT (LMR). It is a 4-days 3-night retreat at a beautiful resort that reconnects you back to nature. Here you are taught to DETECT, CONNECT and LIVE your life on Purpose. It is a very emotional and experiential experience.

The up coming LMR is on the 16-19 January 2010. It would be wonderful to spend 4 days with you and on the 4th day you would be a totally different person. You would be a person with absolute clarity as to your purpose and direction in life. And life would seem so much more meaningful then.

Join us as we together Detect our Life Purpose, Connect with our Life Purpose and begin to Live our lives on Purpose.


For further information, please see

You can also read more about LMR at the Blog

lmr flyer

2 Responses to “ASK MASTER COACH DEV”

  1. Greetings Coach,

    I have attended 4 Success Warrior trainings under you so far and few more modules to go and I have gained a lot from the training. I have this question in my mind for so long. What is The Secret Garden, and how can all of us benefit from it? Please help Master Coach Dev.

  2. Hi Ajit
    TQ for your enquiry. I m not sure which ‘SECRET GARDEN’ you are referring to. Pls enlighten me on this ‘SECRET GARDEN’ that U refer to.

    Live With PURPOSE

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