devology BOOK

Curiosity, Passion and Discovery are the tools of the Scientist.

Mass Brain Washing, Blind Faith and Fear are the ageless tools of the Religionist.

Money, Power and Materialism are the hallmark of the Capitalist.

Fear, Terror and Belief are the values of the Extremist.

Faith, Vision and Persistence are the virtues of the Successful.

Control, Confusion and Indoctrination are the agenda of the Politician.

Guilt, Fear and Intimidation are the attributes of Parents.

Ignorance, Subservience and Manipulation is the creed of Governments.

Family, Survival and Reproduction are the basic instincts of humanity.

Ignorance, Arrogance and Darkness are the handicaps of the Uneducated.


Over and over again, it is the same behavior with different objectives resulting in different Outcomes They are all junkies, addicts and extremists in their own right. They may get so passionate that they get trapped and become oblivious as to the bigger picture of life it self.

It is neither right nor wrong. It’s just that they have become blinded as to the true purpose of life.

It is their right and their responsibility, and so too must they face the consequences.

It has thus evolved into an arrogant belief that humans must be considered at the center of all creation and be above any other aspect of reality.

Believing that God granted Man dominion over Nature has lead humans to taking precedence over the rest of the ecosystem. Ultimately, this has lead humans to the dangerous viewpoint that making money is the single most important human activity on earth and that mountain tops exist just so wealthy folks may build their castles from which to gaze upon the abused and trampled upon humanity below.

Over and over history has recoded the catastrophic results of such egotistical and myopic thinking.

But have we even began to learn anything at all?

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