Hi Master Coach Dev,

My name is Daniel. My wife and I are in the sales profession. We are both goal setters and each year we set our goals with regards to our work.

But somehow we don’t seem to quite achieve the goals that we set. Lately we have began to realize that even if we achieve a certain goal, but we still feel our lives seem hollow and empty.

Please help us:

i.      Understand what we are doing wrong

ii.    How we can achieve the goals that we set

iii.   Why do we still feel unfulfilled even if we achieve certain goals

We attend seminars on a regular basis and have attended numerous goal setting seminars over the years but not a single seminar has shed any light on our predicament. We have spoken to seminar leaders and done what they have advised us, but somehow nothing much has changed for us.

One of our close friends attended one of your mind power seminars when you were here in Melbourne, and told us to write to you. From what she said, you came across as a very ‘different’ type of Coach. Somehow we feel it in our hearts that our answer lies with you.

We look forward to guidance from you. Please help!

With love,

Daniel & Tiana, Melbourne



Hi Daniel and Tiana,

Thank you for writing in. I will attempt to give you as short a response as possible. Since you are familiar with the Goals Process, I will keep my reply as practically applicable as I can.

Please check the Goals Process below with the one you have been employing to see if you have correctly employed all the steps in the process.


The first Goal is to have a Goal

Goal Setting Vs Goal Getting

The very first thing that you need to understand is the difference between Goal Setting and Goal Getting.

Goal Setting is nothing more than an Intellectual Exercise. Just because you sit down and write some Goals down, is no guarantee whatsoever for the accomplishment of these Goals.

That is the reason why most people who set goals don’t actually achieve them, as in new year resolutions.

On the other hand, Goal Getting is a Lawful Process. This means that the process is governed by the Laws of the Universe. There are 7 Laws of the Universe (please see my earlier Blog THE 7 UNIVERSAL LAWS at for further information).

Lawful Process

A Lawful Process dictates that if you follow certain laws and arrive at a certain outcome, it then presupposes that if you repeat the same process, you must by law get the same outcome. As a matter of fact, whether you are aware of the laws or not, you will still get the same outcome.

So long as you activate certain Universal Laws, the laws must work for you and give you the outcomes you seek. These Universal Laws are always consistent.

The Universe decrees that, ‘Whatever must happen, will happen for you to achieve your Goal.’

Therefore, if you employ a Lawful Goal Getting Process, then you must by law achieve the Goal(s) that you set.

Professional Goal Vs Personal Goal

The next thing you must know is that most people set Professional Goals. Most times a Professional Goal does not have much power because it is too much of an intellectual goal and there is not much emotion attached to it.

On the other hand a Personal Goal is very emotional and personal. There is a lot of pleasure attached to its achievement and a lot of pain that comes with its failure.

But most times, the vehicle to achieving the Personal Goal is the Professional Goal. Hence, if you link the Personal Goal to the Professional Goal, then both the Personal and Professional Goal gets achieved.

Lets say, as a salesperson, you have been assigned a certain target or level to hit by a certain time. This would be your Professional Goal. It may not be very motivating for you, as it may not be what you really want.

However, if you had promised your family a trip to Australia at the end of the year (your Personal Goal), and the only way for you to keep that promise would be by hitting the target set for you by your company (your Professional Goal).

In doing so, you would have linked the Personal Goal (the trip) to your Professional Goal (the sales target). So, even though you are only interested and emotional about your Personal Goal, but knowing that the only way to achieve your Personal Goal would be to achieve your Professional Goal, you would by default reach your Professional Goal.

So here, the Professional Goal (though not a very emotional goal) becomes the vehicle via which you achieve your Personal Goal (the trip, which is very emotional and personal to you).

Remember, only Personal Goals have the power to move you. The more personal and the more emotional the Personal Goal is, the more power it would have to move you and to make you do whatever needs to be done.

In the process you achieve both your Professional and Personal Goal. This is entirely a Win-Win situation for all parties concerned.



Success is only success if your life is in balance.

Goals must be set in all 8 areas of life for life to be a success. Success is when you have a Balanced and Harmonious Life.

The 8 areas of life are:


Spiritual Life

Intellectual / Mental Life

Emotional Life

Physical Life


Career Life

Financial Life

Family Life

Community / Social Life

I would like you to draw 4 circles, each inside the other. At the core, or the inner most circle, please write Spiritual Life. In the next outer circle, write Intellectual / Mental Life. In the third outer circle, Emotional Life. The fourth outer circle, write Physical Life.

These core 4 areas (Spiritual, Intellectual, Emotional and Physical) form the foundation upon which all the other material goals are based. Without a firm foundation for these core 4 areas, the other 4 material goals cannot possibly manifest.

Divide the 5th outer circle, into 4 equal parts and write Career Life, Financial Life, Family Life, Community / Social Life in each one the 4 parts.

The strange thing however is that although all the other 4 areas (i.e. Career Life, Financial Life, Family Life, Community / Social Life) are our obsession, they can only be achieved if we first secure a sound foundation based on the first 4 areas of life.

As a matter of fact, the level of achievement of the material goals very much depends upon the strength of the base built by the 4 core areas of life.

So, if you want to have a high degree of success with your material based goals, start first by building a very strong foundation of the 4 core areas of life first.


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