Master Coach Dev,

This is Jennie. You may not know me, but I seem to know you very well from one of my work colleague who never stops talking about how your SUCCESS WARRIOR INTENSIVE seminar that she attended some time back changed her life.

She often shares with me the mind power principles that you taught her. Some of the techniques and ideas seem too unbelievable to be true at first, but the fact remains that they work.

I have seen such tremendous change in both her Personal and Professional Life. I will surely be attending your next Success Warrior Intensive seminar.

I have a question to ask you. Why do I sometimes get success and sometimes I don’t? Why can’t I be successful all the time in everything that I do? Most importantly, I want to know why at times I give up or quit when the going gets tough?

Thank you and I look forward to meeting you face to face in your next Success Warrior Intensive seminar.






The second Pillar Of Success is being WILLING TO BURN ALL YOUR BRIDGES.

Most people never succeed or are never able to sustain any level of success for any significant period of time because they have an alternate option, they have an ever ready Escape Hatch (plan B), if whatever it is that they are going for does not work.


If the mind is given an option, it always takes the easier option. As you move towards your Goals and Dreams, you will surely meet with Obstacles. There will be a lot of Risks involved. There will be a lot of Demands on you. No matter how much Will Power you employ, you will ultimately come face to face with what is termed as the Fear Barrier or the Terror Barrier.

When you are hit by these Risks and Demands, and are confronted by the Fear / Terror Barrier, your mind will begin to offer you (easier) Options.  80% of all people going for success will succumb to the Fear / Terror Barrier and will be tempted to take the Escape Hatch. The Mind will always take the route of least resistance. The mind when offered with an easier way out, will always take you back to your Safety Zone, your Comfort Zone, your Mental Prison.

Only 20% of the people will break through the Fear / Terror Barrier and achieve their Goal or Dream.

I have seen this consistently over the last 17 years working with people from all walks of life.

Jennie, you had asked me why this happens to you. Well, this happens to all the people at one time another.


You asked me why does this happen. It happens simply because:

i.      When the going gets tough and there seems to be an easier option out, the mind will ALWAYS take the easier option, back into the Safety Zone, the Comfort Zone; your Mental Prison.

ii.    So long as there are other bridges (options) available, the mind will always find one.

iii.   You have to burn ALL your bridges, so that you have no other option, so this becomes your do or die.

iv.  If you focus and see only your Goal, you will not see the Obstacle, even though there are bound to be obstacles.

v.   So long as the Obstacle looks bigger than your Goal, you will only see the Obstacle and not the Goal

vi.  The bigger the Goal, the bigger the Obstacles are going to be. The question is, what are you focusing on – your Goal or the Obstacle?


I want to tell an event that took place in my life in August 2003 to illustrate this point. I never ever forgot the lesson that I learned from that event.

As many of my close friends know, I am a very big Wrestling fan! (YES I KNOW IT IS NOT REAL!!!). I live in Melawati, and there is no television reception and I do not subscribe to Astro (there, now you all know my secret). I only get TV3, and all the other TV channels are a blur. So, technically I only watch 1 hour of TV a week. Yes, Thursdays from 11.000pm to 12 midnight. And yes again, its WWE time. And let me tell you another secret, please do not bother calling me during WWE time, my phone goes on silent mode!!! Hahahaha!!!

Now that you get my drift, on with the power pack learning that I got on that fateful August day.

It was August 15th, 2003. I was running the BORN RICH seminar in Singapore. I usually sleep around 9pm during class days and awaken anytime from 2am to 4am. But on this day, I remember so clearly it was WWE with RAW Pay-Per-View, WWE Unforgiven (I know this sounds like meaningless garbage to you non WWE fans).


I could not let this opportunity pass. I had to watch it as I know I could never see this is at home in Melawati.

The pay-per-view started around midnight Singapore time, and it usually lasts about 2 to 3 hours of pure WWE orgasmic entertainment! This meant that it would end around 2 or 3AM (which is the time I should be getting up, not going to bed). I was in a dilemma, but how could I let this once in a life-time opportunity pass? How could I call myself a WWE fan if I was not willing to sacrifice for this? How would I ever be able to live with such betrayal?

Sometimes, a man has to do what he has to do. The decision was made. I was going to sit through the whole thing even if it meant falling asleep in class right in front of everybody tomorrow.

And of course, the main bout would have to be the last fight. This happened to be a classic fight between Bil Goldberg and the then WWE champion Triple H (if you have no idea who these people are, for God’s sake go GOOGLE them). And this fight only came on around 2AM.

The organizer of the seminar came to the TV room every half hour to get me to go to sleep. The organizer would be answerable to the participants if I feel asleep right in the middle of class.

But I insisted that I would only sleep after the final fight. The organizer wanted to know what was there any sane person could ever hope to learn from watching WWE.

Well, what I learned that night is what I want to share with you, because that changed something for me forever. No one had ever been able to put the point that I learned that night to me in any clearer terms.

Allow me to tell you now what I learned, which I wish will become your major learning point too.

BG 1

After competing in the hellacious ‘Elimination Chamber’ match at WWE SummerSlam, Bil Goldberg challenged the then World Heavyweight Champion Triple H to a title match at the next RAW Pay-Per-View, WWE Unforgiven (the event I was watching that night).

Triple H was the current World Heavyweight Champion. Goldberg challenged him to a title match, meaning, if Goldberg won he would become the new World Heavyweight Champion and would get the World Heavyweight Championship belt.

There was no reason for Triple H to fight Goldberg because he had already beaten Goldberg 3 times in a row in the months leading up to this event. Triple H had nothing to prove. Triple H had nothing to gain, but everything to lose should he lose the fight.

So Triple H threw Goldberg a challenge to have Goldberg risk something as well. Triple H said he would put his World Heavyweight Championship belt on the line if Goldberg would be willing to put his career on the line for this opportunity. This meant that if Triple H lost, he would give up his belt to Goldberg. But if Goldberg lost, he would have to retire from WWE.

Without a hesitation, Goldberg accepted the offer of the stipulation laid out by Triple H.

And this is the fight that I anxiously waited to watch.

WOW, I though to myself, what kind of man would be willing to put his career on the line to have an opportunity to win the belt? He was going for bust. All or nothing!

In life only those who are willing to take the Risks and face the Demands, overcome the Fear Barrier.

3H 1

So Jennie, if you want to succeed every single time


ii. You must burn ALL your bridges.

iii. You must leave no other option for yourself. As they say, failure is not an option!

And if you are wondering what was to be the fate of Goldberg that evening. Well, since he was willing to give everything to get what he wanted, he did reign triumph that day and with the belt held high amongst the 55,000 crowd, he was declared the World Heavyweight Champion!

That night he went from nothing to everything simply because he was willing to do whatever it took!

And as for the poor organizer who lost sleep wondering if I would make it to class the next day and complaining over and over again how wrestling could ever teach anyone anything productive, I had a surprise in store.


I had one of my best starts to a class that morning. I stared the class by telling the story of how Bil Goldberg became the World Heavyweight Champion because he was willing to BURN ALL HIS BRIDGES!

I thought you can’t learn anything from wrestling?

Need I say more?

2 Responses to “ASK MASTER COACH DEV”

  1. I remember that class, and how you started the class rambling on about some weird people’s names. The names went over my head back those years of course, but the point of the lesson remained.

    I had applied everything you taught and burned all my bridges. And I must say it gave me a determination so ‘hellacious’ that I achieved the goal I had set out to achieve! YES!

    And yes, now I do know who those names were! Hahaha!! Without googling them….

  2. Hi, Master Dev.

    I just got to know about this blog. I’m Attending your Success Warrior Training. Now in module 2. I really find it was very useful. I had a problem of keep on track of what am i doing which means i’m not able to concentrate. But after i attend the 2nd module im able to concentrate better. But I’m just curious how do i know if I am really on track or off the tract to the journey of my goals?

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