Master Coach Dev,

This is Jennie. You may not know me, but I seem to know you very well from one of my work colleagues who never stops talking about how your SUCCESS WARRIOR INTENSIVE seminar that she attended some time back changed her life.

She often shares with me the mind power principles that you taught her. Some of the techniques and ideas seem too unbelievable to be true at first, but the fact remains that they work.

I have seen such tremendous change in both her Personal and Professional Life. I will surely be attending your next Success Warrior Intensive seminar.

I have a question to ask you. Why do I sometimes get success and sometimes I don’t? Why can’t I be successful all the time in everything that I do? Most importantly, I want to know why at times I give up or quit when the going gets tough?

Thank you and I look forward to meeting you face to face in your next Success Warrior Intensive seminar.



Hi Jennie,

Thank you for your interesting question. As a matter of fact I often get questions of a similar nature with minor variations, but they always mean to ask the same basic question: why cannot all people be successful at times in all things?

Jennie, there are a number of reasons. Let me give you what I think are the two major reasons. I call them THE TWIN PILLARS OF SUCCESS.




Once you know WHAT it is that you truly want, you need to be absolutely clear as to WHY you want whatever it is that you want.

Instead, most people focus on the HOW. They start by asking themselves, HOW can I achieve this? And if they don’t know the how, they quit. Most won’t even bother attempting.

The irony is, if you did know the HOW, you would already have achieved whatever it is that you seek. So it is obvious that you don’t know the HOW to get whatever it is that you seek.

The truth is, you don’t need to know the HOW. You just need to be crystal clear as to WHAT you want and have a very powerful WHY you must have it.

In Think and Grow Rich, he author Napoleon Hill said;  “You only need to know the WHAT and the WHY. The HOW will be given to you by a power greater than you!”

Yes that’s absolutely right. In the SUCCESS WARRIOR INTENSIVE (SWI) we teach that you make the Decision and the power will make the Provision because we are co-creators. In other words, your Conscious Mind makes the Decision and your Unconscious Mind makes the Provision.

So really, you don’t need to know the HOW. If you work with the Laws of the Universe, you will be working with a Lawful Process. And that means, the HOW is in the domain of the Universe. It’s not for you to know. Your reward lays in your believe in the Universe to deliver you the HOW.

The likelihood of achieving any goal or dream lays in the strength of your WHY. The stronger and more intense your WHY, the higher your rate of success.


There are 3 types of Reasons


Let your reasons be very emotional and personal. The more emotional they are, the more emotional intensity and power they will have.


If you don’t have very emotional reasons, then I suggest you have very big reasons. Sometimes all one needs is one very big reason to give it enough power.


Now, if you say, “I don’t have very emotional or very big reasons.” Then I say to you; “Just have a lot of small reasons.” That should do the trick just as well.

I must add one more pointer to help you with the reasons. I suggest you have a combination of all 3 reasons. Let some of your reasons be very emotional, some very big, and a number of small ones. Combined, that should give you a strong enough WHY to go for any goal or dream, large or small.


In a nutshell, here is your Lawful Process

Step 1: State the Goal or Dream

Step 2: State the dateline when you must have it

Step 3: Write down your WHYs

Step 4: Each time you feel like quitting, read your WHYs list. If that does not move you emotionally, review and edit your WHYs list because it lacks the power to move you across whatever obstacle you are facing.

Step 5: If it still does not work, then you probably need a Life Coach to help you through the process. (You may call my office so we can put you in touch with a competent certified Life Coach)


We run The BLUEPRINT FOR LIFE, which is a complete Goal Setting and Goal Manifestation process covering all 8 areas of life for a balanced life. Please get in touch with my office if you would like to participate in this program.


In my next Blog posting I shall talk about THE SECOND PILLAR OF SUCCESS. Stay posted.

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