Good Morning Master,


How are you? The 2nd section (Module 2) of Success Warrior was great I learn a lot from the training…..

As always, negative thoughts block my mind & drag me to think about the bad thoughts again, again and again. What can I do to divert my thoughts so that they can bring me more wealth, health and more peace. What type of meditation can I do to always keep my mind aware of what I want.

Thank you very much Master. Take care.

-A H


Hi A H,

Thank you for reaching out to me.

It is normal to fall back into the pool of negative thoughts from time to time. We have entertained these negative thoughts for so many years, that they have become habitual in our life. It takes certain Mind based strategies to be rid of them and to replace them with positive, constructive and meaningful thoughts.

Will Power is good for a short-term goal or target. After awhile it tires and wears out. Will Power is an excellent way to start moving, however once you are on the go, you need to condition that new behavior into your Unconscious Mind so that it now becomes your new and habitual way of operating.

Here are a few suggestions to jump start you


1. Attend all Success Warrior Modules

The Success Warrior is a complete Mind Power 10 Module program that covers the entire success process. Only by attending every Module would you get the complete formula.

Attending each Module will also keep you connected with the philosophy of success and you will be exposed to the Success Mindset on an on going basis, which is essential for it to become a part of your own life’s philosophy.


2. Keep focused on a Success Mindset

Each and everyday, ask your self these 3 Life Transforming Questions

Q1: What am I focusing on right now?

Q2: What does this mean to me?

Q3: What should I do with this experience?


3. Success Community

It is paramount that you hang out with people who have similar Goals and Dreams as you, those who want to be a success as you do. Those who talk and do those things that lead to success.

My teacher Bob Proctor used to say, “Show me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are!”


4. Daily Activity

i.      Fix your goal for the week / month.

ii.    Determine your EXACT daily activity.

iii.   Do exactly what needs to be done on a daily basis even though it may look like nothing is happening.


5. Meditation

As you know we teach CREATIVE BREATH MEDITATION, which is a non-religious, scientific based meditation, I suggest you attend it the next time we run it. It is a 4 days program, run over 2 weekends. We just completed the last one for the year last 2 weekends ago. Please check with my office for the up coming session.

Meanwhile, I will give you an exercise that might help you.

i.               Sit in a quite undisturbed place for 15 minutes. You may set a time for indication.

ii.             Focus on your breath and begin to breathe with a 4-4-4-4 count. That means you inhale at a count of 4, you then hold your breath for a count of 4, exhale at a count of 4 and then hold at a count of 4. Keep repeating this routine for 15 minutes.

iii.            Do this exercise at least twice a day (3 times if you can). Repeat this for the next 30 days.

iv.           When you are outside and are unable to sit undisturbed, just go about your daily activity and just do a 4-4 breath count (inhale at a count of 4 and exhale at a count of 4). On each inhalation, say the words: CALM, PEACEFUL, TRANQUIL, SERENE. (hence, you are using these 4 words to do your 4 count instead of using numbers to count). You will begin to see amazing results in just 3 weeks. Your power of Focus will be excellent.

I hope these pointers will be helpful in your coming weeks as you install within you a new model of success. Please practice them daily. I know there will be a struggle at the start, but keep with it.

I know you WILL reach your Goals and Dreams. We have seen thousands of our participants go beyond their expectations by persistently following these principles.

Till we meet again.

My name is Dev, and I am a SUCCESS WARRIOR!

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