Hi Master Coach,

How was your trip to Singapore? Can you share any new WOW learning that you had OUTSIDE of UPW? You always teach that the best place to learn is OUTSIDE the classroom.

Luv. Penny

Hi Penny,

Great to hear from you. As always, the world is our best learning ground. A great man once said, ‘I have never met anyone in my life from whom I did not learn something.’

I met some old and some new friends, and lets see if I did indeed learn something from each one of them.

a meeting with the future President of Singapore

a meeting with the future President of Singapore

The handsome outstanding guy with the bright red turban is Harminderpal Singh (Pal). I met him more than a decade ago while he was still a student at Nanyang University of Singapore.

He was a participant at my infamous EAGLE CAMP in Cameron Highlands (Malaysia). I remember asking each participant what their Dream of the future was. One by one, great glorious Dreams were shared, some inspiring, some extended our Comfort Zones. Then came Pal’s turn. I remember so clearly as if it was yesterday when he, nonchalantly stated, My Dream is to be the President of Singapore’

Pal's Presidential Portrait

Pal's Presidential Portrait

There was pin drop silence for about 10 seconds, then the entire hall of over 150 participants roared in uncontrollable laughter. Pal just stood ever so congruently holding his ground. Very soon it dawned on everyone present that he actually meant it. Suddenly it was not so funny anymore.

It is what he said next, that won me over for life. He next proceeded to say that he had a 25 years Plan Of Action towards that end. He ended by saying that he had already achieved phase 1 of his plan. He was a student in Nanyang University where 99% of the students are of Chinese ethnicity, and he (a Punjabi Sikh) was the President of the Student body!

So it was a joyous experience catching up with Pal, as I have not met him in a number of years. And the name card that he gave me went on and on and on with the incredible academic credentials and economic successes that he has secured under his belt.


I am overjoyed that Pal is going to be working together with Self Mastery Learning Centre as one of our certified Life Coach in Malaysia and in Singapore.

One Response to “ASK MASTER COACH DEV”

  1. Inspiration to all Success Warriors! Kudos to you Mr Pal, the future President of Singapore. I truly wish to make a statement like that publicly and thanks to you Master Coach Dev for the fantastic sharing.

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