instant calm

Master Coach Dev, periodically, I find myself feeling nervous for no apparent reason, or sometimes for a reason, at which point my mind will create stories to instill fear and worry into my being. My stomach would tighten up and when observed closely, I could feel myself breathing shallowly. It is so easy for me to fall into that state once it starts.

I know if I can just learn how to relax and be calm, I will be OK. How can I be calm in an instant, so that I can kill off this feeling before it gets too strong for me to control it?                – MJK, KL

MJK, your mind is very powerful. It is so easy to be unconscious. But if you can be consciously aware that you are in control and that you can switch out of that state in an instant: the instant you decide to feel joy and refuse to believe in your mind created story, which is no longer serving you.

Three powerful questions to ask your self at any point are

Am I breathing slow and deep?

Am I feeling calm, peaceful, tranquil, serene and relaxed?

Am I moving slowly with elegance and grace?

This is a beautifully simple yet very effective technique that works wonders.

The beauty of this technique is that, we can only consciously and fully focus on one thing at a time, and so when you have 3 things to focus on, you will be thinking less of your problems, your worries, your stories and all those non-existent fears!

ASK MC DEV 2Since your mind can only focus on one thing at a time, it can only either focus on your prevalent situation or on your breathing, your feelings or on your physical movements.

If you get your mind off those emotions that you do not want, then your mind must, by law, be kept busy focused on that you do want.

It only takes an instant to shift that focus, and onto a brand new sense of being.

May you be at peace with yourself.

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