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Whatever you perceive to be true, becomes true for YOU. It may not be true for others, but it sure as hell becomes true FOR YOU!

Whatever you perceive to be true (for you) becomes YOUR Reality.

Reality is a composite of images that can be directly controlled by our Consciousness.

The Choices and Decisions that we make on a daily basis dictate the Thoughts we think and entertain.

These thoughts constitute our Level of Consciousness.

These Consciousness in turn determines which images we can or cannot conjure – creating a reciprocate Reality!

This is how we all CREATE OUR OWN REALITY!

3 Responses to “REALITY”

  1. Chetan Joshi Says:

    Reality is merely an Illusion, albeit a persistent one!

  2. anthony raj - successwarrior Says:

    Master, I always had a misty idea about REALITY and just by your few lines of defination, I now can not only understand its meaning but rather am able to feel what REALITY is.

    • WOW! Thats a powerful awareness! By having conscious awareness of this idea changes your perception of Reality. And this in turn changes the Reality you will begin to experience henceforth!
      Welcome to a world of new realities!

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