World Number 1 Success Coach

Tony Robbins Knows so Much About Success, He Can Charge $10,000 a Ticket for His Seminars and they Sell Out!

Tony Robbins has made one million dollars engaging in one-on-one coaching!


Over 10 million people have listened to Tony Robbins Live or through his audios!

Tony Robbins is the #1 success coach in the world!

Tony Robbins has it all. Money. Power. Looks. Houses. Cars. Beautiful women. Private jet, his own private island, a closet jam-packed with hundreds of custom-made $5,000 suits!

Even the President of the United States, Gorbachev, Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa have consulted Tony Robbins!

Tony Robbins is one of the “Top-10 Most Outstanding People of the World”!

Tony Robbins sometimes works 23 hours a day and most days sleeps on 3 hours!

Tony Robbins to ok to become a millionaire within one year!

Tony Robbins is the #1 success coach in the world, which immediately makes him own 60 percent of the motivational business market!

Tony Robbins earned a salary of $30 million last year!

Tony Robbins has trained over 3 million people from 40 countries over the last 30 years!

Tony Robbins is at the top of his game, earning ONE MILLION dollars for personal coaching,

AR2 and that doesn’t include the 50 million dollars a year with the Anthony Robbins Companies’ sales. His fees are the highest in the business

Anthony Robbins was born Anthony J. Mahavorick at North Hollywood, California, United States of America on 29th of February

Tony is the most famous Self Help Guru and Peak Performance Coach in the world today.

Tony is the inventor and proponent of what he refers to as Neuro Associative Conditioning or NAC which is based on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Tony has authored a number of best-selling books, including Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within.

Tony’s Live seminar include Life Mastery, Date With Destiny, Wealth Mastery and Leadership Academy Seminar.

His best known tape program is Personal Power II. Other programs include Get the Edge and Lessons in Mastery.

He also conducts large scale LIVE seminars, most famously UPW (Unleash The Power Within) where the participants walk over hot coals on bare feet by employing the psychological techniques Robbins promotes.

Among the techniques that Anthony Robbins teaches are the following:AR5

i. Altering the body’s physiology to achieve a change of emotional state

ii. Asking specific questions to direct one’s attention to aspects of human experience that create a more favorable psychology.

iii. Getting leverage to create change by associating a person’s old behavior with massive pain and the desired new behavior with massive pleasure.

iv. Interrupting one’s limiting pattern by doing something totally unexpected.

v. Conditioning behavior by visualizing it over and over again.

vi. Goal-setting

vii. Creating a “Compelling future”, vividly imagining one’s end result to generate enthusiasm and power to work towards one’s goals.

viii. Robbins also promotes a vegetarian lifestyle and endorses the views of Dr. Robert Young regarding the need for an alkaline diet.

Participants swear that Tony Robbins’ self help books, audio programs and motivational seminars have given hope to thousands of people and there are many testimonials to the changes brought about by applying the methods he expounds.



Date:              19 Aug 2009

Time:              7.30PM – 9.30PM

Venue:           JW MARRIOT, KL

Official Tony Robbins blog


Tony Robbins official website


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