Every Thought you Think, attracts things into your life. – Dev

Some of the greatest books of all time have spoken about the need to Think in a Certain Way.

In 1905, James Allen wrote probably one of the greatest 20 pages in human history, ‘AS A MAN THINKETH’. He said, “The vision that I glorify in my mind, the ideal that I enthrone in my heart, this I will build my life by and this I will become.”

He spoke about thinking, how thinking can influence results in our life and manifest things in our reality.

In 1910, Wallace Wattles wrote probably the definitive book on financial wealth, ‘THE SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH’, and he said there are two parts to the secret – you have to THINK in a certain way and you have to ACT in a certain way. And of course, this formula is called the CERTAIN WAY.

He said, ‘THINK in a certain way, and ACT in a certain way.’ Now, you can’t Act in a certain way if you don’t first begin to Think in a certain way.

In 1937, Napoleon Hill wrote the greatest book ever written in human history on personal development and success and he quite simply said, ‘THINK AND GROW RICH’.

In Think And Grow Rich Napoleon Hill said, ‘Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve.’ Again he spoke about thinking – THINK, and grow rich.

And now we have the phenomenally successful DVD, ‘THE SECRET’. And ‘The Secret’ talks about The Law of Attraction.


What do all these four authorities- ‘As a Man Thinketh’, ‘The Science of Getting Rich’, ‘Think and Grow Rich’ and ‘The Secret’, have in common?

The answer:


James Allen said ‘As a Man Thinketh’. Napoleon Hill said ‘Think and Grow Rich’. Wattles said ‘Think in a Certain Way’.

What they all said about thinking, they did not mean thinking with your left-brain, they did not mean thinking from the Conscious Mind; they meant thinking from the deepest recesses of your Unconscious Mind.


There is no such thing as Reality.

Reality exists in the mind of the beholder!

– Dev

This brings us to the latest phenomenon, The Secret.

Before The Law of Attraction can happen, it must be first be preceded by another law called ‘The Law of Vibration’, because it is a twin law. The complete law is called The Law of Vibration and Attraction.

So, before any Attraction can happen, Vibration must happen FIRST.

However, before Vibration can happen, you must first THINK that thought. This is because Thinking causes the Vibration, which in turn causes the Attraction. So yet again, it begins with Thinking.

All these authors had one thing in common, Thinking in a Certain Way, that is thinking at the Unconscious Mind. Thinking with the Unconscious part of the mind creates our ultimate reality because that part of the mind has no limit.

It has been said that he Unconscious Mind is the God like part of us, where there are no limitations.B3

Thinking is the most potent

form of Energy in the Universe.

So, in my up coming blogs we are going to explore in great depth the power of the Unconscious Mind and how we can use the power of this Unconscious Mind to De-Program and Re-Program the mind for Success. I would like to give you simple Mind Power Tools which anyone can apply in their daily living to Transform their Personal and Professional Life.

In truth, we are ALREADY running on a program, and chances are, on a Failure program. And of course, a Failure program can only result in failure.

If you are not as Happy, as Healthy, as Wealthy and as Successful as you would like to be, chances are you have been running on Failure programs, and you were not even aware of it!

I am certain you want to change these programs, so that you can begin to run on Success programs because a Success program MUST result in Success.

In my up coming Blogs I would like to share some cutting edge, state of the art Mind Power Tools to help you install and run on Success Programs and over-ride the current Failure programs that you have been running on for so many frustrating years of your life.

In short, Change you Programs and Change your Life!

B4Till I meet you face-to-face in my next blog,




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